24-hour breakfasts

"Mechta Cafe", offers to enjoy simple but very tasty breakfasts at any time of the day

Japanese food

"Mechta Cafe" uses only fresh and certified products for cooking Japanese cuisine.

Khachapuri & Focaccia

Dough dishes cooked by hand in a real oven

salads & appetizers

"Mechta Cafe", prepares all its dishes, only from fresh ingredients. We order daily, but little by little the products we need


"Mechta Cafe", prepares delicious and healthy dishes familiar to everyone from our childhood


"Mechta Cafe", we prepare our dough ourselves Because all our pasta is very tender and tasty

Hot dishes

Our menu may seem simple, but believe me, it is very tasty because we cook with soul

fish dishes

"Mechta Cafe" prepares all its dishes only from fresh products. The fish arrives in special containers using "shock freezing".


"Mechta Cafe", all grilled dishes are prepared on an open fire We use grain-fed meat of the highest category


Our confectioner is a professional with a capital letter, we recommend it to all sweet tooth